What’s your best scar story?

Answer First of all is that your real face in your avatar, if so Damn! Anyway i got alot of scar stories. I'll tell you a few. When i was 8 me and my brother were climbing our fence, he jumped off then i,... Read More »

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Coolest scar story?

I got one that's way kewl but the story prolly wouldn't fly in this format so I'll tell ya about the two bullet holes I got while in a house of ill-repute in Saigon. As a MP I could go most anywher... Read More »

Whats your funniest drinking story?

Hm well once at one of my friends parties, I was walking into the house from outside and didn't realize the glass sliding doors were closed, and of course walked into them and broke them off the hi... Read More »

I am 38yrs old, MUM died of ovarian & breast cancer, whats your story?

sorry about your mam i have just lost my gran she was full of the big C but my story i wish i could tell but i carnt has much has iwould love to say. but my mum left me my brother and my dad when i... Read More »

Why would a scar be painful have scar from brown recluse bite several months ago it was lanced and healed?

I have had scars that were sensitive for a long time. As long as there is no swelling or drainage, I think it is normal to be sensitive and it could be painful for a while until the underlying tis... Read More »