What's your best high-fiber recipe?

Answer How about simply starting the day with a bowl of 100% bran and skim milk? That will do the trick for the rest of the day.

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What do high fiber diets do?

High fiber diets have many health benefits and are often recommended by health professionals. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should aim to eat 38 grams of fiber every day and women should aim to... Read More »

Foods with high fiber?

Fiber is just a fancier term for the word cellulose. Cellulose can only come from plant foods. Fiber is the part of the food that can't be digested in the stomach, so it goes right through that sta... Read More »

What are some high-fiber foods?

Fiber is part of a balanced diet. A diet high in fiber may help reduce a person's risk for diabetes and heart disease. Many foods are high in fiber, so it is easy to increase your intake.The benefi... Read More »

Are oranges high is fiber?