What's you opinion on dual-layer DVD media?

Answer Look for Sony or HP

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How to Burn ISO Files to Dual Layer DVD Media?

Dual Layer (DL) DVDs appear identical to typical single layer DVDs, but have another recordable layer on the disc. This doubles the capacity to four hours of high quality video, or 8.5 gigabytes of... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My Burner Supports Dual Layer DVD Media?

DVD burners had been available for quite some time before dual layer recordable DVDs began to appear on the market. As a result, some older DVD burners are unable to support the newer dual layer me... Read More »

Can dual layer media be burned in regular DVD burners?

On One Hand: Dual Layer MediaDual layer media uses two layers of reflective coating, which allows for double the amount of information to be written. The laser in a dual layer DVD burner is able to... Read More »

Can a single-layer DVD player play dual-layer DVDs?

Dual-layer DVDs allow for double the storage capacity of single-layer disks. DVD specifications require that all DVD players and DVD drives recognize dual-layer discs. A player that does not recogn... Read More »