What's wrong's with my Pen drive?

Answer It sounds like you interrupted something being written to the drive - plug it in and open Computer Management in Windows to see if the drive shows up (go to search & type in management - then selec... Read More »

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What is the title of the BBC children's show that 'rights your consumer wrongs'?

The BBC is minuscule compared to sky, overall, sky have a massive viewing audience in total over the BBC even though BBC has the most watched programme, "Easterners".

Whats on your hard drive :)?

1) 2 x External 300 GB Hard Drives1 x Internal 160 GB (Laptop)1 x Internal 120 BG (2nd Laptop)2 x Internal 250GB (Desktop)2)Counting all of the drives... i dont know maybe 50-60 precent3) My Main L... Read More »

Whats The Longest Car Drive You Have Ever Rode In?

I rode from Sacramento to Chicago 2 1/2 days drive

Whats wrong with my disk drive?

you likely have a disk (Hard Drive) error. you've got a couple choices depending on what you want to do.1. Take it to a repair shop.. they will likely be able to reconstitute the drive. However th... Read More »