What's wrong with those "Charlie" unicorns?

Answer Well, this is an easy question. Originally, SecretAgentBob (the creator) wanted them to appear, just silly and imaginative, but he thought it would be be funny, if he made them a little demonic as ... Read More »

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In "Perks of being wallflower" , what did the family thought was wrong w/ Charlie before learning...?

Don't listen to Bored, he's a loser. I love Perks of being a Wallflower! :D The black outs Charlie was having were flashbacks to all the thinks him and his aunt would do. He felt that he killed his... Read More »

Whats the song in the bbc iplayer radio app advert with charlie sloth in?

I had the answer at the tip of my tongue but it escaped me. I will definitely get back to you when it comes back to me.

Whats wrong with me?

PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?

Read the answers you have received the last 14 times you asked this question. Yup, I counted. You have asked this question a grand total of 15 times. If you're that concerned, go to the doctor. ... Read More »