Whats wrong with my scanner?

Answer Uninstall your software and reinstall it, or you have scratched the scanner sensor

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My printer/scanner wont let me scan my picture, whats wrong?

The reason it does that is because the setup failed. You need to power on the scanner, unplyg the usb cable and begin a fresh setup.Once the setup starts, let the program advise you when to connect... Read More »

Can I please know what's wrong with the scanner?

Your software is likely set to either divide up into 3 files or is set to auto divide. You haven't said what scanner, software, or operating system you're on so it's impossible to give you any furt... Read More »

What is wrong with my HP Printer/Scanner?

When you get the preview screen, make sure that the marquee (dotted lines on the screen) are stretched all the way to include what you actually want to include in the scan.Click OK and it will scan... Read More »

My scanner isnt wokring, or am I doing something wrong?

Follow the steps below to scan from the all-in-one without using the HP Photo and Imaging software.=== Windows XP: Using Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) ===1. Verify that the all-in-one product po... Read More »