Whats wrong with my printer?

Answer Is it a Chameleon you're trying to print? Maybe it changed color.

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Do you know whats wrong with my printer?

Check if its...a) plugged in. To Power and to USB port or parallel port. b) has the latest drivers installed.…c) not malfunctioning http://support.lexmark... Read More »

I ave a photosmart C4280 printer. when i try to scan something the printer says usb not connected whats wrong?

check the wires in the back. obviously there must be something not connected or loose

My printer leaves horizontal streaks whats wrong,?

If it has separate print heads and separate ink cartridges, replace the print head. If they are built in together, replace the entire ink cartridge. If only takes ink cartridges, you have to buy ... Read More »

My printer/scanner wont let me scan my picture, whats wrong?

The reason it does that is because the setup failed. You need to power on the scanner, unplyg the usb cable and begin a fresh setup.Once the setup starts, let the program advise you when to connect... Read More »