What's wrong with my pc screen?

Answer You probably have the wrong screen resolution &/or frequency selected in the computer's display properties. Go into the display properties & select different resolutions until you find the one that... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my pc screen?

a program on your computer changed it, usually computers have a button to change it, otherwise do a system restore to a date before the problem

My TV has started getting lines across the screen and making a high pitched noise, whats wrong with it?

dry joints or l.o.t. playing up not a diy job

Facebook question: i cant send messages to my freinds the screen goes blank and doesnt refresh, whats wrong?

try clearing your cache and cookies, or try using a different browser

Dell latitude c610 crashing to a blue screen making a clicking noise whats wrong?

"Maybe" - do you have the recovery disk set to use in setting it up to run the repair process?If not, does anyone have that operating system on a disk that you can use as a repair disk (or buy one ... Read More »