What's wrong with my nose?

Answer WELL it sounds like it plugged up NOW .......

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Im getting bloddy nose on one side almost everyday now. Whats wrong?

There are several reasons why you would get a nosebleed as mentioned by other answerers. However, one possibility is cancer of the nasopharynx or sinus. Go get seen by a doctor ASAP. Hopefully i... Read More »


go to emergency room now!!!!!! This is not good.

Whats wrong with my eye?

you probably have been tired.. when you are tired your eyes will twitch for a few minutes.. try getting some rest..( plss 10 points)

Can someone tell me whats wrong with my ear?

Do you have medical coverage to go to the physician? If so, have the doctor examine you and determine whether you have wax build-up. If you do not have medical coverage, there are over-the-counte... Read More »