What's wrong with my memory card?

Answer well i got a android 3g and to upload/unload music to phone i just connect to pc via USB/power cord to computer go to my computer tell phone to connect then open media file and delete/add music fro... Read More »

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My sony hd Webbie flashes format error and it says "no memory space in memory stick" whats wrong with it?

maybe just try to take the battery and memory completely out, and check it again...... lemme know

Whats wrong with my sd card?

My guess is you only had one card and when it got nearly full, you went back and started deleting image files to make room for more.That is the top way memory cards become corrupted.You have two ch... Read More »

Something is wrong with my memory card?

Memory cards are not infallable.It sounds like your memory card may be corrupt.There are memory card recovery programs which may restore the card but not guaranteed.http://data-rescue.en.softonic.c... Read More »

Put memory card in wrong slot?

if you have to put tape on a flash card to hold it in... you are not using a compatible slot/card combination.