Whats wrong with my lcd monitor?

Answer the display adapter in you lcd had gone damaged please visit the nearest LG service center and the will cure the Damage repair cost will be approximately 500 to 1000 rupees

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Whats wrong with my monitor?

If its an LCD then it sounds like the inverter is going bad.

What's wrong with my monitor?

IDK, that happened to me too, before...IDK, If you have more than one Video port in the back of the computer try to plug a monitor into the defalt port...O, now I remember, its to do with the SETUP... Read More »

What is wrong with my other monitor?

seems like your monitor is coming to an end :(i dont really think you will be able to fix it, but try what the first answerer is sayingalso check if everything is currently plugged in :)

What could be wrong with my monitor?

if you monitor is old.. may be it can be your monitor problem. it can be you graphics card problem too.. u have another monitor or take from you friend and try changing it.. if still gives the sam... Read More »