What's wrong with my husband!?

Answer First off you need to take him to his primary physician or the Emergency room. Next you need to take his temperature. If it is extremely high he needs to go to the Emergency Room rather than see hi... Read More »

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go to emergency room now!!!!!! This is not good.

Whats wrong with my leg?

You should go to the doctor if problem persists...jus have patience maybe it fixes Itself.

Whats wrong with my eye :(?

Do not worry calm your nerves this sounds like basic allergies. As trees bloom and grass grows pollen count increases. Pollen can cause both thing you described to happen pollen will and cause eyes... Read More »

Whats wrong with my eye?

you probably have been tired.. when you are tired your eyes will twitch for a few minutes.. try getting some rest..( plss 10 points)