What's wrong with my husband!?

Answer First off you need to take him to his primary physician or the Emergency room. Next you need to take his temperature. If it is extremely high he needs to go to the Emergency Room rather than see hi... Read More »

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What is my husband doing wrong when he does laundry?

He may be using water that is too hot, stuffing the washer too full, or combining items that are not compatible. Washing towels with other fabrics may cause lint balls. He may be using too much det... Read More »

Ex husband access rights. do I have a say in whats best for my son?

Absolutely. If this is your biological son, you definitely have the right to be involved in all decisions regarding your child, from medical decisions to where he goes to school. Sadly, many former... Read More »

Whats they funniest thing u said to your husband when you were in labor?

Well considering no one was aloud in the labor room while i had a c-section cuz they put me to sleep after when they woke me... They asked me the usual questions do u know where u r i answered at o... Read More »

Is it wrong for me to teach my 2 year old stepdaughter to refer to my husband's ex-wife as "THAT woman"?

I think you should let my...I mean this guy's daughter make up her own mind. She's probably a very intelligent girl who will be perceptive enough to realize the kind of person her mother really is... Read More »