What's wrong with my front USB ports See details.?

Answer USB ports are physical connectors with pins in certain locations and a frame around it as the slot you are plugging into.Simply put, the USB connector has been damaged. The insert-removal process a... Read More »

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My pc only some times recognises my usb ports on the front of my case or the 4 ports on my motherboard.?

A few things to try, firstly, you would have to open the case and check the cables for your front ports are seated properly. Unplug them and then plug them back in again.Also check that your mother... Read More »

Why is a piece of my front head hair is falling out i take a shower and it falls whats wrong with me ?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about.That's how I used to be when I'd take a shower... HahahaYou actually lose anywhere from around 50-150 hairs a day. (Some people even more.)It's normal, no... Read More »

USB ports on the front off my computer?

Sure! I have 4 port hub plugged into one of my front ports, so there are four things plugged into it. The other one I keep open and swap my iPod and flash drive back forth with it.And as rod ment... Read More »

Is there any difference in front and back usb ports?

Ease of access...All modern computers are high voltage usb's. If you have an old computer, then there could be a difference, the front ones could be low voltage, but if you plug in the front, and w... Read More »