What's wrong with my ear Is it SERIOUS?

Answer I can't say for you. But if a future with a possibility of deafness was in front of me, I think I'D go see a doctor. Could be infection from injury, ruptured eardrum ar any number of things....or i... Read More »

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This is a serious matter, what's wrong with me?

If you can't keep food down, you probably have a stomach ulcer caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori. Don't worry, about half the world's population have this bacterium living in their s... Read More »

This sounds dumb but it is there anything potentially wrong with me if i only crap 2 times a week?

No. My ex-husband freaked when we got married and he found out that I only pooped every 2-3 days. He made me go to the dr and she told me I was perfectly fine and that everyone is different.

Whats wrong with my eye :(?

Do not worry calm your nerves this sounds like basic allergies. As trees bloom and grass grows pollen count increases. Pollen can cause both thing you described to happen pollen will and cause eyes... Read More »

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