What's wrong with my camera?

Answer you may need a new battery?There should be a number on the forms that come with the camera.They maybe able to assit you.Cheers!

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Whats wrong with my camera?

This happened to me with my Canon. I'm assuming it will be as easy as it is with Canon. There is a factory warranty that you can use. I sent my Canon in and in a week or two it was repaired. It was... Read More »

When im about to take a picture with my camera it turns off,whats wrong with it?

First of all make sure that it is not just a trivial problem by checking that the lens is not covered and your LCD is not off. If that is the case then most probably your optical sensor is dead and... Read More »

Whats wrong with my eye?

you probably have been tired.. when you are tired your eyes will twitch for a few minutes.. try getting some rest..( plss 10 points)

Whats wrong with my TV?

Unplugging for a while is the easiest thing to try, and if that doesn't resolve the issue then contact the manufacturer or your warranty company.