Whats wrong with meDoctors!!?

Answer If you start feeling really ill and start to throw up.... Then it's probably appendicitis. That was my first guess just reading through the first part. I'm not a doctor nor am I able to say that t... Read More »

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Whats Wrong With Me!?

Can someone tell me whats wrong with my ear?

Do you have medical coverage to go to the physician? If so, have the doctor examine you and determine whether you have wax build-up. If you do not have medical coverage, there are over-the-counte... Read More »

Whats wrong with my leg?

You should go to the doctor if problem persists...jus have patience maybe it fixes Itself.

PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?

Read the answers you have received the last 14 times you asked this question. Yup, I counted. You have asked this question a grand total of 15 times. If you're that concerned, go to the doctor. ... Read More »