What's wrong with me Should i go to the doctor?

Answer I'd go see the doctor as that sounds like your lymph nodes are swollen.

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Is there something wrong with my eyelid And should I inform my eye doctor?

That sounds like a good idea.Hopefully you aren't still wearing the same contacts.

Should I go to a doctor to see if something is wrong?

Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this pain/soreness, it must be frustrating.There are many factors for foot pain, the most common one is bad footwear and a combination of specific foot b... Read More »

Were our doctor went wrong Should we switch?

The doctor did the most basic test and didn't do any follow up. The urine test usually shows sugar and ketones in an undiagnosed diabetic. Because it didn't the doctor didn't bother with the next... Read More »

Whats wrong with my eye :(?

Do not worry calm your nerves this sounds like basic allergies. As trees bloom and grass grows pollen count increases. Pollen can cause both thing you described to happen pollen will and cause eyes... Read More »