Whats wrong with me Bruises out of nowhere!!?

Answer You have very likely answered your own question: "I am not a healthy eater".Your body cannot run correctly unless you put the correct stuff into it. See a physician to get a proper diagnosis and re... Read More »

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What is wrong with me i just got a throbbing rash out of nowhere?

I get random bruises on my there something wrong with me?

Well that happened to me, believe it or not. My strep throat was never completely "cured" and I ended up getting some disease called HSP. (I dont know what it stands for). But it was really bad,... Read More »

Whats a fast way to get rid of bruises?

Well I hate to tell you that getting rid of the bruise depends on your immune system and the complexion of your skin but, I do have a remedy that will speed along the healing process, and remove th... Read More »


go to emergency room now!!!!!! This is not good.