What's wrong with me Best answer=10 points and 5 stars?

Answer It could be stress, you are 11 years old going through a lot in your life and your body. You even said your panicking. Is it possible that you are having panic attacks and anxiety? I would start by... Read More »

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Whats Wrong With My Ankle 5 Stars To Best Answer!!?

You need an x-ray of your ankle. Keep it still ---- by moving it aroundyou could be doing more damage. I suggest you do this as soon aspossible to rule out a fracture.

Whats wrong with the dueling network 10 points?

the dueling network crashed because of some reason but it works but pictures of the cards are being dumbs

HELP! I'm 13 and all of my best friends have gotten their periods already and i havn't... WHATS WRONG WITH ME?

You don't start your period for 1-2 years after you started growing pubic and underarm hair. This means: nothing is wrong with you. I've known people who didn't start their period 'til age 16. ... Read More »


Any Version will work. The new one just means that it has fixed some buggs in the programming and is a little faster. Whatever version works for you.Limewire doesn't have viruses. The files you dow... Read More »