Whats wrong with drinking milk?

Answer These answers are getting a bit mean.1. Michael H has chickens.2. He lives next to the cow farms.3. The cow farms he lives next to would be the "higher quality" ones, and not the even worse torture... Read More »

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What is wrong with drinking milk?

Problems with drinking too much milk?

I have this same problem, and I did notice more acne on my face, so i cut down on milk, and to quench your thirst always have water. Do not chug cups and cups of milk.

What is wrong with drinking coffee or tea with meals?

it depends on the nature of food we take.The taste buds of westerns accept coffee or tea with meals. In fact several Europeans and Americans consume large doses of coffee along with meals.But taki... Read More »

How does not drinking milk tie with bowed legs?

It is not. Lack of milk is not likely to be the cause of this. The condition may be Rickets, however, this condition is rare. Rickets is a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps with the absorption... Read More »