Whats wrong with demonoid website it says redirect but never does anything?

Answer Thx Dominick & Vegas702. Appreciate it.Vegas702: Well said. Your reasoning is spot-on, and i'm QUITE sure Demonoid is fine and will be back up in the next 24-48 (hopefully 24). Quite sure. Tracker ... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my website hostmonster is the provider?

Joel, It appears blank right now. I see a 404 error message, instead of your first index.htm or index.html webpage. If you see anything, then you are looking at a cashe version. Just hit the ... Read More »

My sony hd Webbie flashes format error and it says "no memory space in memory stick" whats wrong with it?

maybe just try to take the battery and memory completely out, and check it again...... lemme know

Does the mother always end up with custody even if the father has not done anything wrong?

Answer In Oklahoma she does. Despite talk to the contrary, there is little equality in Family courts. You should get a consultation with an experienced Family law attorney in your town. They usu... Read More »

Does anyone know whats wrong with my knee?

yeh, it needs to see a doctor and get some x-rays... no, seriously.