Whats wrong with blair ( juicystar07) ?

Answer I wouldn't say "everyone hates them", that's pretty extreme.. I've seen a few of her videos and I don't like watching her. Reasons are: Her voice is very annoying, she seems very ditzy and airheade... Read More »

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How to Have a Room Like Blair Fowler (Juicystar07) from Youtube?

Watched Blair Fowler's (or juicystar07's) room tour video on YouTube? Want your room to be like hers? This article will teach you how to have a room like Blair's, but with your own personalized touch.

Whats wrong with me meI really need to know?

Hi,You have many symptoms of diabetes, and if there is any family history, ask someone that has a meter to stop by and check your blood sugar level. It only takes a few minutes, and is pretty much... Read More »

Please tell me whats wrong with me!:[?

Oh, sweetie! How horrible! It very well could be psychosomatic brought on by your fear of the other girl. And they say the pain can be very real to the victim. But you need togo to another docto... Read More »

Whats wrong with my i-pod?

take it to apple shop and ask for advise.. they give advise for free :)good luck with ur ipod