What's wrong with a nice pot buzz early in the morning?

Answer If YOU don't think it's wrong, who fvcking cares? I went through a wake and bake faze, as well as a 'breakfast for champions' faze (wake and finish a 6 pack). This was separate times in my life, an... Read More »

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What's wrong with a nice beer buzz early in the morning?

The only thing wrong with that is it is not a vodka buzz! Haha I am actually drinking some wine right now. Saturday morning, 9 A.M. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just don't plan on driving.

The leaves on my tomatoes keep turning brown and fall off. but lots of nice fruit & new foliage. whats wrong?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Stop! You are not doing anything wrong. You have no problems. Everything is as it should be. It is not an ornamental plant, it's a veggie. What do you think the leaves... Read More »

Since morning my heart has been beating unnormaly fast. aT 128... im 16 and i feel warm and dizzy whats wrong?

OK dont listen to any of these fools!!!!OK... Ventricular tachycardia... is way out of what you have dont worry...If you have a fever your pulse rate increases which is normal....You do not need an... Read More »

How many bottles of Baileys do I have to add to my morning coffee before I feel some semblance of a buzz?

Oh you handsome young man, I sure missed you! Well back when my sorry husband worked at a lumberyard, I would get up at 4am every morning and fill his thermos full of moonshine and laxative medicin... Read More »