What's wrong with Wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia is in blackout to protest against SOPA and PIPA bills. These bills if passed will censor the Web and impose harmful regulations on American business. In short, these bills are efforts to ... Read More »

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Whats wrong with wikipedia?

Blacked out in protest of the internet censorship proposed by Congress. It will be offline for 12 hours I do believe.

What is wrong with Wikipedia?

Try following the instructions to clear your browser's cache at < >, then restart your browser completely.If I'm right, your copy of Wikipedia's stylesheet was corrupted, ... Read More »

Whats wrong with my leg?

You should go to the doctor if problem persists...jus have patience maybe it fixes Itself.

Whats wrong with my jaw?

I have the same thing. I had it since my teen years. Never bother me. I am 53 now. My dad had it also. There are lots of annoying things in life, layout Fiancé needs to chill out. And accept the... Read More »