What's wrong with Skype today ?

Answer skype connects using essentially P2P tech. It also has what's called "super-nodes" set up sort of the phone directory of the skype world. What that means is when skype can't find you directly, it f... Read More »

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Whats wrong with skype ?

Oh, that happens to me on tinychat. It is just lag. Either skype itself or your computer was having a stupid moment.

Whats wrong with facebook today 9/23/10?

lol. You need to calm down. Not that big of a deal, just facebook...

Whats wrong with google today?

Whats skype wat do u do in skype?

Hi Joseph,Skype is basically video chatting, you can video chat and you can also chat.IMPORTANT:There are also people that pretend to be from the army, but never call them again as your phone or co... Read More »