What's wrong when my TV picture randomly turns off but the audio stays on?

Answer Your video board in the television might be having problems.Send it for maintenance and check up incase you can still save your video board.Otherwise,exchanging a new one would be costly to you.Goo... Read More »

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When im about to take a picture with my camera it turns off,whats wrong with it?

First of all make sure that it is not just a trivial problem by checking that the lens is not covered and your LCD is not off. If that is the case then most probably your optical sensor is dead and... Read More »

Sometimes when I'm on my computer the screen just randomly scrambles and stays that way.?

Seems like memory problem. Insert the memory modules properly. It may be loose.The RAM will be found on the under side of the laptop and can be accessed by removing a screw.What is your video card?... Read More »

Why does my HP computer turns off randomly when I'm on it?

possible overheating issueif its a laptop buy a can of compressed air from a hardware store and fire it into the cooling ducts on the side and/or back of the machineif its a desktop opening the cas... Read More »

What is wrong when the signal light stays on in a toyata truck?

On One Hand: Broken BulbsFor most vehicles, when a indicator light remains solid, rather than blinking, it means that one of the bulbs on that side has gone out and needs to be replaced. It could a... Read More »