What's worse for your health - A tablespoon of sugar or a Cigarette?

Answer The best choice of two evils is to choose neither, if you can. Sugar will ruin your health for 146 reasons that are listed in . Nicotine is probably even worse,... Read More »

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Is smoking a cigarette worse than smokig weed?

I would say weed is worse. You have all the damaging effects of the smoke on the lungs, plus the effects on the brain;

What is worse for you Salt or Sugar?

Technically, I would pick sugar. It leads to problems with your insulin if overindulged in over a long period of time. Corn syrup is even worse...and it is a leading sweetner. You can become obese,... Read More »

Whats worse?

Giving birth while being kicked in the nuts?

Whats your worse habit?

probably biting things like my nails or my lips or anything in my hand when i'm nervous or my of those 2