What's worse: a broken leg or a broken heart and Explain why it's worse?

Answer It all depends...sometimes a broken heart can be worse and sometimes a broken leg. I have experienced both, and I know that from the past. Sometimes a broken heart, even though it hurts a lot whe... Read More »

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WHAT IS WORSE: broken HAND or broken HEART?

Hand is more important. without it, you wont be able to come to yahoo answers to pour out your woes. I agree with baobei. Almost everybody has some heart broken tales which they cast aside but n... Read More »

What is worse...The Dentist or a broken arm?

I have to say a broken arm. Had my arm broken when I was 7. Hurt like the Dickens.

Is a Broken ankle worse or a sprained one?

Your teammate is incorrect unless he or she can support his or her claim with factual evidence. A sprained ankle is an injury of the ankle where the bone is not damaged but the soft tissues are... Read More »

Whats your cure for a broken heart?

there is no cure. Keeping busy helps but really you need time to get use to the pain or, someone, something to replace it with.