What's worse Not brushing your teeth for 2 days or not showering for 1 day?

Answer Not brushing your teeth for 2 days.You can still get by with strong gum and mouthwash to cover any stale breath, but the thick, built up film on your teeth would be kinda hard to hide.(Not that I w... Read More »

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I've been told that brushing your teeth with tumeric powder whitens your teeth beyond belief.?

Turmeric is terrible for staining things. Impossible to get out so I don't think it would be wise to brush your teeth with it.

Does brushing your teeth with baking soda actually whiten your teeth If so, how often do you have to use it?

If you are wanting a low cost way of whitening your teeth try this 2-3 times a week....1st- brush your teeth with salt. moisten your toothbrush and put salt in your hand and dab your toothbrush int... Read More »

Brushing teeth?

left to right, from gum to tip.I'm using Crest Vivid White as I type. It really works! And it tastes good.p.s. am also using Crest Whiteneing Strips. Already noticing a difference.

Is brushing your teeth too often bad please help!?

brushing too much for years and years (like 20 or more) is bad, brushing after every meal and even more when you have on braces is GOOD!don't worry about it for the few years you have on your brace... Read More »