What's with today's Google logo?

Answer Today is the birthday of Samuel Morse, the creator of morse code.The logo is in morse code.

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Whats todays google theme?

Basically it's about Christmas and all the other cultures of the world as well, so they won't feel left out. The two images on the far left and one on the far right are related to Christmas (St. Pe... Read More »

What does"TM"mean on the Google logo?

The letters "TM" next to the Google name stand for the word "trademark". A trademark is a registered mark that represents a company or its products. In the case of Google, the trademark identifies ... Read More »

Do you like how google changes its logo on the homepage!?

Yes I love how google does that. I heard that people design those as part as a contest.

How can you change the google logo?

Hay..I Guess this would help you out....Just enter the name that you wish in place of Google and then click on Create now....You are DONE!!! Good Luck!!! Reddy... Read More »