What's with this new set up /l ayout with Yahoo?

Answer No. It's not just you. They have been "Fixing what is not broken". This is supposed be "new and improved"... But if this is "New and Improved"... Frankly, I'll take "Old and Lousy" any day! I like... Read More »

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Whats better Yahoo or MSN?

I have MSN at work and Yahoo! Both have their pros & cons! If I had to pick one I would stay with Yahole....EDIT>>>>>>>>>OOPS! YAHOO!

Whats better yahoo or google ?

well both companies have expanded a lot. google used to just be a search engine and now they are doing Gmail and Earth etc... In my opinion, google's search engine is better than yahoo's but the ... Read More »

Whats better yahoo or gmail?

Gmail, although I only use them for a few accounts.

Google or Yahoo Whats your opinion?

Yahoo uses Google search engine so either way you're stuck with Google (which there is no competition for anyway). Google does not include ads mixed with search results. The adds are off to the sid... Read More »