What's with this new set up /l ayout with Yahoo?

Answer No. It's not just you. They have been "Fixing what is not broken". This is supposed be "new and improved"... But if this is "New and Improved"... Frankly, I'll take "Old and Lousy" any day! I like... Read More »

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Whats this youtube video ( two guys with shirts with animations on them like moving)?…

Whats wrong with this IP set up?

You can either connect your server straight to the modem and give it an IP address of, or else give your router that external address and let your server get a local address from the ro... Read More »

Whats up with this random pain?

gas. i get it a lot when i eat things i'm not supposed to because of celiac disease. it can cause sharp stabbing/throbbing etc pain in your sides, i've had it manyyyyy times.

Whats wrong with this bat file!?

Would help if you would state what error or problem you are having, and the steps needed to reproduce it. Also helps to know what version of Windows you are running in case some commands/switches a... Read More »