What's with the onslaught of complete strangers adding me on facebook?

Answer Ur hawt an they wnt 2 c ur boobs

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Strangers adding me as a friend on Facebook?

Yes, never be friends with someone you don't know. They can post nasty stuff on your wall and look at all your photos.

Why does Wikipedia allow complete strangers to write outlandish lies and obfuscations about Rory Emerald?

Because that's what Wikipedia is for: to defame people that you don't like and not be held accountable. Daniel Brandt, Ron Livingston, John Seigenthaler, to name just a few, have all been slandered... Read More »

Would you allow strangers to add you on facebook?

Would you accept strangers who try to connect with you on Facebook?

i personally wouldnt accept them as there are some really weird and corrupted people in today society. but thats just my opinion.