What's with the hate with being overweight?

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How to Deal With Being Overweight for Preteens?

Overweight is something that can cause certain health issues. If you're a preteen, read on help overcome this problem.

Any one with diabetes, do you hate being a diabetic?

I resented it when I was diagnosed in 2004 at 16 years old, I didn't try to get used to it. I felt like everyone and everything was against me.Now? I love being diabetic. I love having to take e... Read More »

Whats up with answers lately im being picked on lol xxx ?

To be really honest (and I'm sure I'll get thumbs down but I'm truly being honest and not mean and I hope you can see the sincerity in my answer), I've been thinking about removing you as a contact... Read More »

Is being bloated and gassy with extreme heartburn and cramps along with being extremely tired and having headaches and sore breasts three days away from AF even with a negative test signs of pregnancy?

Answer I have never had any real symptoms until a couple weeks after a positive test... though I know some women do... though all those symptoms you have mentioned could also be premenstral sympto... Read More »