What's with the "arrow to the knee" joke?

Answer It originates from the video game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.Just like any other video game, city guards tend to have a select few lines that they say if you interact with them. It just so happens t... Read More »

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Is it "arrow to the knee" or "arrow in the knee"?

Does anyone know whats wrong with my knee?

yeh, it needs to see a doctor and get some x-rays... no, seriously.

Whats a problem with your knee that will never go away?

Chondromalacia. I have it and it is painful. Here is a website.

Can anyone tell me possibly whats wrong with the back of my knee/leg?

It's suspicious for ligament damage or possibly a hamstring strain or tear. Other possibilities include more chronic issues such as a popliteal cyst or arthritis that has flared up from the basebal... Read More »