What's with all these girls wanting an anorexic body?

Answer I agree, it is not attractive at all.I have no idea why anyone would want to look like that, why anyone would want to destroy their bodies, sometimes they can't even have children because of what t... Read More »

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Do You Think Anorexic Girls are hot?

Only if you mistake them for a match and try to light them.

Reasons Why Girls Become Anorexic?

While anyone can suffer from anorexia nervosa, it most commonly affects teenage girls. Girls suffering from anorexia spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about their weight. It can be confus... Read More »

How to Use Body Language to Keep a Guy Wanting More?

We all know the move. You catch his eye and he nods or winks back. He's shown he's interested, so what's the next move? Using your body language to effectively communicate your desire for a guy is ... Read More »

Why are some adolescent girls obsessed with wanting to have diabetes?

That's amazing to me.I'm a teenage girl and I have type 1 diabetes.I've had such a hard time with diabetes, and for someone to actually WANT to have this disease makes me want to vomit.IF YOU ARE O... Read More »