Whats ur favorite wineim having a kickback any ideas of what should i buy?

Answer You didn't say if you're eating something with that wine. Cheese & wine, pizza & wine, wedding cake & wine? Just get drunk on some wet grapes? There are so many AWESOME wines out there in many pric... Read More »

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What should you do if your older brother plans on having a party in your favorite place to go and escape the world?

He should respect your privacy and you can handle it two ways .. #1 you can communicate to your brother that the place they want to have the party at is your favorite place and you'd rather not hav... Read More »

If Ur having a cook-out for The 4th what are u having need some more ideas..?

We're having steamed crabs with Old Bay. But your BBQ sounds great too!

What color is your hair/Whats you favorite!:-)?

Well, My hair has been blonde before, then black, and finally removed to dark brown. :D I will keep it natural soon haha! I like most hair colors aswell.xoxo!

What is your favorite sushi roll, and whats in it?

Um, there is this place in sd called bento and noodles and they have a roll call the devil roll. It is so good, it had tempura shrimp in the middle, with eel on top and is covered in like 3 differ... Read More »