What's ur fav chocolate bar ?

Answer kinder bueno, its so nice with a cruchy outside and soft inside mmm. good question

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Whats you favorite chocolate?

Chocolate martini's!!!! for a bar, i like 3 musketeers, KING SIZE caramello and heath. Cadbury milk chocolate is good too

Whats your favorite chocolate?

If you mean type then definitely dark chocolate. Guilt free but the yummiest too (so a win-win) if you're talking brand of Chocolate bar I love Cherry Ripes. I'm not sure if they're sold outside Au... Read More »

Hmmmmmmmmmmm Whats your favourite chocolate ?

I agree with Hannah --Lindt Truffles yummo!or just plain old REESE'S PIECES! :)

Whats Your Favorite type chocolate bar?

It used to be "Fry's Chocolate Cream" but I thinks it's now got the Cadbury label on it - either way it's white fondant covered in dark chocolate ! ! !