What's up with the new Wendy's commercial with people kicking trees in the forest?

Answer Okay, here's my theory:They're all obviously meat eaters, therefore they're not tree HUGGERS or else they would know that the meat industry is not good for the environment, and so they are tree KIC... Read More »

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Whats the hardest part about living with diabetes...diabetics ONLY or people living with a diabetic?

For me it's having to be constantly aware of everything I put in my mouth, all my activity, and keeping my stress levels down. Basically that I never get a break from all this...wouldn't it be nic... Read More »

Who is the girl who blows out the candle on the cake in that Nikon Camera Commercial with Ashton Kutcher - She is the girl with white and black striped dress 10 seconds into the commercial on a yacht?

Q. for people with visible tattoos... whats ur occupation?

I work for a software company in the IT Field. I have 27 tattoos and I don't need to hide them. 4 or more are always exposed depending on the clothes I am wearing.Our receptionist has a tattoo acr... Read More »

Whats better McDonalds or Wendys?

McDonalds definitely- I hate Wendy's. It smells so strong. I hadn't been to Wendy's in about 5 years but a couple days ago went there to get a frosty. The cup reaked of fast food smells. I got to c... Read More »