What's up with my shin?

Answer As bones don't have pain sensors they never feel anything so the pain is from the muscles around the shin which will tighten up when there is pain to them, like being kicked or knocked into objects... Read More »

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Shin sprints or shin fracture?

This happens mostly because when you run, the balls of your feet hit the ground first which is what happens when you run fast.For the meantime, slow down your running and try to let the heels of yo... Read More »

Can I run with shin splints?

On One Hand: An overuse injuryShin splints is a common lower leg problem caused mainly through overuse or overtraining. While it may occur in different areas of the lower leg, the most common site ... Read More »

What is wrong with my knee/shin ?

may be busted. I'm not a doctor. Go see one.

How do you lose weight with shin splints?

Depends on how over weight you are and how much physical activity you can do? There is all kinds of ways to lose weight. The simplest yet hardest way to lose weight really relies mostly on your di... Read More »