What's up with my screen when I use the internet?

Answer Hold ctrl and then use your mouse wheel while holding ctrl. you can zoom in and out.

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Whats the problem with my computerWhen I click 'internet explorer' multiple screen pages appear?

Its multipul causes - some anti-viours - in ur pc - or - you click many time mouse - so .............

What to do when my screen keeps on going black when I'm on the Internet?

Without a laptop brand and model and RAM size, and the OS type, and the browser for Internet, and what other programs are running, and what types of pages (besides YouTube and Yahoo), I cannot gues... Read More »

Whats wrong with my pc screen?

a program on your computer changed it, usually computers have a button to change it, otherwise do a system restore to a date before the problem

Whats in the Computer Screen that makes ripples when you touch it?

LCD crystals. You often notice a sort of color diffraction pattern around your finger.Find out more at wikipedia or google it.