What's to stop people putting false info on wikipedia?

Answer People generally don't knowingly put false information in Wikipedia because it harms those who consult the encyclopedia and most people avoid harming others. However, sometimes it is done as a pran... Read More »

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Anyone else beginning to feel that Wikipedia is a little 'suspect'/open to abuse/false info etc.?

As one answerer suggests, one should not depend on a single source for their information. Thomas Jefferson and his friends insisted on a free press despite the negative reporting they got. They fel... Read More »

How does Wikipedia stop false information from being posted?

We Wikipedians frequently "patrol" pages and give them a once-over - and if we see something that is obviously vandalism or false (e.g. Gerald Ford being alive) we will revert these edits by changi... Read More »

People say that Wikipedia has false information. Is this true?

Yes, that's true, Wikipedia has false information. The problem is that it's mixed with true information and unintentionally misleading information. If the article has any references, check those ou... Read More »

How do the people who write wikipedia articles for celebrities get all their info?