Whats this sticky stuff on my monitor?

Answer (Sung to melody of original)Hey Jude, don't make a mess, take a wet cloth, and make it better,Remember, when you're lookin at porn, To aim at floor and, clean it up la lalala la,,,,

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White sticky stuff in my underwear!?

congradulationsyour one step closer to becoming a woman!dont worry, its just vaginal discharge.its your body's way of cleaning the vaginal ickies you get everydayabout a year or two (depends on the... Read More »

The Sticky Stuff on a Cherry Tree Branch?

A cherry tree reacts to injury or stress by exuding sap; that is, the sticky stuff you see on a branch. This process is known as gummosis. Over time, this sap becomes thick and sticky. Damage by ... Read More »

How do you get sticky stuff from a price tag off of a book?

You have to be careful what you chose so as not to ruin the cover. Not all cleaners will do the job without damaging the book, as it depends on the inks used and the finish on the cover. Alcohol,... Read More »

What is the sticky stuff in envelopes made of?

The glue applied to envelopes is of two basic types. The glue applied to the flap that is sealed by the consumer is usually a gum. A typical natural gum is gum arabic, derived from a substance prod... Read More »