Whats this sharp pain ive been feeling?

Answer probably muscle ache, but i would tell somebody about it

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If you keep feeling a sharp pain in your lower left stomach area and have sore breasts are you pregnant?

Answer Not nessicarily. That could just be the beginnings to your period. Abdominal pain and sore breasts are normal for that. Of course, if you've missed or are lare on your period, I'd suggest s... Read More »

I Was standing on my knees, and then felt a sharp pain on it. Whats going on?

How long was you standing? Perhaps you damaged the meniscus? Although it'd be odd to get the injury in both knees at the same time.. but if the pain appears in one knee only it's posssible.

Sharp pain in my wrists when i lift weights. Whats wrong?

you have the beginning or carpal tunnel syndrome. slack off the weights for a week or two and ice your wrists. this will help reduce the inflammation of the nerve fibers. you should still consult a... Read More »

Whats the difference between the high feeling and the drunk feeling?

A drunk feeling is like everything is right. Like, everything you say or do feels perfect and you feel socially amazing. As for the high, it depends on the drug. Some, like weed for example make yo... Read More »