What's this light headache I have since I woke up it lasts all day?

Answer Have you ever had you're eyes checked, eye strain causes headaches.Too much coffee......hmmm should keep it to 3 cups max per day, give it a try for two weeks and see if it helps - that amount of c... Read More »

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Just wondering is it normal if i been light headed since I slept and woke up and still feeling light headed?

It's not exactly normal, but you may be able to fix it by eating something to hold you over until your first meal and then get some fresh air and see if you feel any better.Skyler DiPasquale.

Severe headache sensitivity to light had it since 4 am and its 1:14 pm took tylenol and its not working?

if you want to correct the root cause, see an hio method chiropractor.

Woke up this morning with headache, empty bottle of Cuervo & some hamster hair in my mouth, wtf happened?

poor dearfluffin struck you across the head WITH the empty bottle of cuervo (you didn't drink it). the hair in your mouth, well, I'll let Fluffin tell you about that. Fluffin is alright, don't worr... Read More »

My finger tips feel numb have since I woke up what could it be?

might possibly carpal tunnel syndrome, but i ain,t a doctor that,s the way my carpal tunnel syndrome started. get help as soon as you can.carpal tunnel is no fun believe me i know