Whats the youngest age of a mother?

Answer Answer SHE WAS 5 YEARS OLD IN 1939 in perushe was called LinaShe gave birth by cesarean section to a boy who was named is that even possiabile??

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Whats the youngest age you have seen for a never smoker getting lung cancer?

My youngest Bhabhi used to be a guy in teens,she wishes to be a caring mother of a baby,what does she need now?

You are talking her teen age,but now she is grown up woman,and know what are the duties and her responsibilities like a woman,and if she wants to have a baby and wants to be good mother,I am sure s... Read More »

Whats this episode on How I met your Mother?

How can you prove if husband's mother in law and wife's mother in law are daugter and mother to each other?

Your father's sister is your aunt and her husband is your uncle.