Whats the worst thing you can do to your pc?

Answer thats the best question i ever saw in this poll. buy an upgraded $500 video cardbuy an high capacity 500gigabyte hardiskbuy both wireless keyboard and mousebuy a 21 inch flatscreen monitorbuy a 2 g... Read More »

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Whats the worst thing a tracking cookie can do?

A tracking cookie is doing exactly what its name suggests - keep track of how many times you've visited the site. The website then knows the frequency, and the time-of-day, of your visits. They... Read More »

Whats the worst thing you've ever ate.?

Well I know the worst thing I ever DRANK. A long time ago, when I was about 10 yrs or so old, I drank this milk that we bought from Shoppers Drug Mart and it tasted DISGUSTING. It tasted all watery... Read More »

Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to you, and the best?

worst thing..........being shot down in Iraq while on a mission in a thing......waking up in Germany to see my wife and hearing the doctor say i think he will pull thur ... Read More »

Whats the worst thing anyone has said to you while you were pregnant?

One of my husband's aunt's said "what are you having an elephant?!" because I was over 36 weeks and she didn't know a normal pregnancy is 40 weeks even though she has a few kids herself. The worst ... Read More »