What's the worst that could happen if you don't shower for a week?

Answer This is how God shows God’s sense of humor. You’ll probably run into someone you know whom you haven’t seen for a while and kick yourself for not bathing.

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Can a i.v. become dangerous if you put it in wrong to rehydrate a person whats the worst that could happen?

If you put an IV in wrong, you have put it into the tissue and not the vein. You will get a painful infiltration.In the old days, that is what they did, Kinda. We would put the needle into the t... Read More »

What's the worst that could happen?

I wouldn't worry--the cooking heat will have killed off any random bacteria or virus--their exposure to chemicals on the peppers would be minimal...

Can I use my pc without any anti-virus, whats the worst that can happen?

Download AVG from the internet quickly, or you could get a virus.This offers to fix problems too. It's free....

What is the worst injuries that could happen when punching on the face?

It's not the matter of how many punches, it's the matter of the force behind the blow. TV is not a good idea for a resource, as it's always "acted" out. It can only take one punch to the head or th... Read More »