What's the worst that can happen if you have sex with a bladder infection?

Answer I recently had sex with a UTI, and although I have heard you're not supposed to, nothing happened to me. I was on my first day of antibiotics when we did it. As long as you pee before and after, an... Read More »

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Can I use my pc without any anti-virus, whats the worst that can happen?

Download AVG from the internet quickly, or you could get a virus.This offers to fix problems too. It's free....

Can a i.v. become dangerous if you put it in wrong to rehydrate a person whats the worst that could happen?

If you put an IV in wrong, you have put it into the tissue and not the vein. You will get a painful infiltration.In the old days, that is what they did, Kinda. We would put the needle into the t... Read More »

What's the worst that can happen with food poisoning?

If you cook it properly it should kill any bugs it'll just taste really bad i'd advise cooking the meat very well before you throw it in the curry and cut the worst parts offfood poisoning usually ... Read More »

What is it call when people drive off with out paying for petrol and what is the worst that can happen?

It is theft pure and simple.It is generally called bilking.The worst that can happen. Charged with theft and locked up.