What's the vegetarian alternative to tube steak?

Answer You could just try sucking on cucumber. Melt some tofu for the cream sauce I guess.Speaking of which, I need to find out where I left my hot dog. I really could use some lovin.

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What is a kosher alternative to sirloin steak?

For a Kosher steak you can get in a Kosher butcher a rib steak, they can only cut down as far as the 4th rib, shoulder/chuck can be used, flank and brisket to but these are long cooking or rare ite... Read More »

Is becoming a vegetarian a big missed steak?

For a vegetarian, what is the equivlent to a juicy steak?

Portabella mushrooms. I like mine with teriyaki sauce that I mix myself.

Alternative Foods for a Vegetarian?

The reasons for becoming a vegetarian are varied. Some choose this option for health reasons while others do it for religious purposes or on ethical grounds. A vegetarian diet can be very healthy, ... Read More »