Whats the use of repaint() method in java applet?

Answer repaint() is not necessary in applet you can run applet without it The repaint() method is the one invoked by a program to do drawing. Their are 4 versions of this method but the one with no argume... Read More »

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What is Java applet?

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that has a number of special features that make it useful for cross-platform and Internet-based applications.AppletAn applet is a specia... Read More »

How do I execute applet in Java?

Create a Web page to hold it. Applets are not designed to be executed in their own window. Instead, they must run within the context of a Web browser. However, if you happen to have an applet sitti... Read More »

How do I add buttons to a Java applet?

Create the button by running the following code: JButton newButton = new JButton("Another Button");Add the button to the Java applet. Type the following if you are calling running the applet from w... Read More »

How do you run java applet on android?